• Lee Hisey

Prized Imaging - Exciting New Business!

I'm so excited to be starting a new business aimed at presenting spaces online in exciting and innovative new ways.

After approximately 15 years in real estate I realized I'd purchased $10,000 in imaging equipment and programs and most of the time it was sitting in a corner. I also realized that one of the aspects of marketing real estate I enjoyed the most was creating the presentation of the property.

In the early years that involved fliers, then simple pictures. The pictures became slide shows (which many still use to market their home/office/business/ party center), then slide shows with music or some "wiggle" to the picture.

In today's internet market with over 95% of people searching online first, putting your home, business, historic site or any other space in the spotlight has become more specialized. When people search Google Maps for a business they assume increasingly that they not only receive directions but can get a street view and walk into the space on their phone or computer and look around. They want to be able to take a virtual tour. When someone lists their home with a real estate agent who will make thousands of dollars if they make the sale they expect an interactive 3D tour with aerial photos and videos and 360 degree photos. And they should!

What kind of spaces and practitioners can benefit from this type of service?

Hotels, motels, real estate listings, historic sites, vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, office space, commercial space, factories, construction sites, insurance adjusters, architects, apartments, real estate management companies, party centers, air b & b and other rental website users. The list is endless.

I hope you'll call me today to start the process! Call Lee at 440-315-6000 or email me at ImagingPros@PrizedImaging.com. And check back often as we continue to develop this website as our business evolves.


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